Way More Than Your Average Pet Store

More Than Your Average Pet Store

Whatever your pet it is important to provide them with everything they need for hygiene and of course other essential supplies such as food, toys and everything in between.

Puppies, rabbits, kittens, parrots, rodents, lizards, fish, and other pets all have one thing in common: their humans love them. If you intend to home a new pet it is important that the are able to provide for it in every possible way. Some pets will last well over fifteen years  so it is important that you can meet its needs both financial and in commitment, some of them are going to require a lot of attention with training especially in the early part of its life. Some other pets simply require a stable environment and regular food and cleaning.

But take a dog as an example, he will require special attention right from the point of pick up, as soon as you collect him you are then responsible for his safety and well being. He will also need a crate big enough to house him now and considering his fully grown size. This will ensure his safety and keep him contained especially when he is going through initial toilet training. You also need a place that is comfortable and safe enough for him to call his bed and this will also keep him there while he is getting used to his new family, smells and surroundings. You should also keep him warm and comfortable by placing a blanket inside or even a proper bed.

There are many beds available online and it may not be clear which one you should go for initially so take your time and think carefully both your needs plus the dogs. Much will depend upon where he is going to be placed on a regular basis. It should be large enough to be comfortable and the location should be safe but not get in the way of your life. Time will tell you where this should be so give it a couple of weeks to make the final decision.

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Toys will often help to amuse your dog or cat, they love to play with them and it helps to keep them amused especially if you’re not around all the time. House training a dog will take time and patience, you should also keep materials handy for those little accidents and you can surely expect to go though a few sets of bedding so make sure you have a couple of extra blankets etc. You should also keep some cleaning materials on hand too. Repetition is key in training your puppy to go outside or to let you know he is ready to go outside, you just need to read the signs so bear this in mind when you first get your puppy, so please remember this, it’s no point getting angry, he is a member of the family and as such he requires the love and support accordingly.

The method required for his training is by repetition, they don’t arrive with toilet training pr-profgrammed to go outside. So when he first awakes put him out until he has been, allow him time to do so, you could also try a lead but my experience would suggest he may find this a distraction. Avoid playing with the puppy until he has been otherwise he may forget and run back inside and promptly have an “accident” It may be frustrating for you but please don’t get angry or frustrated it will only make your puppy anxious and prolong the agony of trading. But once he has cracked it you should reward him so each time he gets it right reward him with a small soft treat and praise him. He will soon get the hang of it and within a few weeks there should be no more accidents. Most puppies should not leave their Mother until at least 8 weeks old so my assumption is of an 8 to 10 week old pup. Good Luck

Training Puppies Is Not Easy

we have all the pet supplies you need to ensure your pet’s health and longevity.

We have all the pet supplies and food you could need to ensure your critter’s health. If your new little family member eats pellets, kibble, flakes, or veggies, we have what they love. We carry pet food from some of the most trusted names in pet nutrition, including Purina, Kaytee, Fancy Feast, and much more. Nutrition for pets is just as important as it is for us humans; their attitude and energy levels can drastically improve when they’re getting the right vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need.

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The next step is to ensure your pet’s hygiene. We carry cage liners for a variety of small pets and birds. They’re much easier to deal with than traditional shredded newspaper and sawdust options, because these pet supplies are built to be especially absorptive. We also have kitty litter for cats, training supplies for dogs, and a wide variety of filters for fish. Whether your pet scurries, swims or squawks, make sure they have a clean environment to thrive in.

Once you’ve taken care of all the necessary pet supplies, it’s time to get down to the fun part. Pet toys can make spending time with your furry, scaly, or feathered friend even more enjoyable than it already is. There are a variety of toys to enrich caged pets, and there are also balls, climbing structures, and chew toys for larger animals. If you filter your search for pet supplies by price, you can see the most affordable pet toys first, so you can afford to treat your pet to some extra love.

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Live your life to the fullest, and ensure your pets can do the same with the pet supplies from our pet store.
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