Pick a Suitably Sized Dog for you Home

The Needs Of Your Dog

Think About The Needs Of Your Dog Before Bringing Him Home

Looking After Your Dog

Putting the needs of your dog before anything else, even before you bring you dog home. It is essential that you consider everything about your home, inside and out and sort out any issues that could cause your dog any harm.

You need to make your home is dog proof for its own safety and that of other family members.

Simple things such as checking your fences and boundaries for possible holes or other escape routes which may allow your dog to get out and cause mayhem to those around, including cattle or other animals. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and they will find any escape route to take advantage of if he is allowed to. Putting the needs of your dog first is paramount to anything else. Always close the gate after anyone has been through it, you could even put up a sign letting visitors know that you have a dog and to please close the gate after themselves have been through.
Dogs cleanliness , they love to play and if the weather has been inclement they will often find every puddle or muddy ditch to explore. But sometimes even walking in the rain will cause their under-belly to be wet with dirty gritty water. So it makes sense to have some form of cleaning and drying towels or rags to use as they enter your home. You also need to keep an eye out for when he is about to shake. That could cause dirty water to fly onto every surface withing a meters radius, so you have been warned- so don’t get mad! Just be prepared.
Medications and cleaning chemicals, these need to be handy but for the safety of any young including your dog that may be around your home, you need to ensure that your cleaning supplies are childproof, either with locks or in a higher cupboard or shelf.
Plants can sometimes be hazardous to your dog so do a walk around and try to identify any potential harmful plants that you may have and either move them or try to create a boundary to keep your dog away from them.

Cleanliness and Hygeine – Adorable and loving is one way to describe your dog and it is only natural that you and any visitors to your home will want to pat or stroke him, but think for a moment about what it is that your dog may have been up to while he he has been both inside and outside your home.
Dogs have powerful noses and they love to root out anything which smells, this could be both good and bad, it could have been sniffing at your bin, or licking at some old food thrown away outside, they could even have been inquisitive about a dead animal they have come across, remember they are scroungers and will eat anything, it is often the case that a dog will even eat their own or sometimes other dogs or cats faeces….. GROSS I know but it is true so please remember this when you are hugging and kissing your pal, but definitely do not let them lick you or anyone else for that matter, especially babies and toddlers.
Dog Ailments – Dogs will eat pretty much anything. This may be an obvious fact, but please bear this in mind if you are on any kind of strong medication, lock it away from hungry scavenging mouths because they will have it as fast as lightning. If somehow you dog does gain access to anything like this get him to your vet as soon as possible, in fact this is something that you should be doing if you ever seen signs of your dog being unwell or prolonged vomiting.

Feeding  Feed your dog regularly but don’t over do it, if you are not too sure how much of a certain food you should be giving him or even to discover the

Give Them The Best Food

best kind of food for your dog speak to your vet, some breeds of dog require a special diet so please refrain from winging it and following the guidelines on the packaging.
Another thought about dog food is to avoid the cheap stuff, once again talk to your vet, it may be that the less expensive brands may have added preservatives among other things that may not be sufficient for what your dog needs on a daily basis.

You could even consider making your own dog food and at least you will know exactly what is in it. You can always tell when a dog is not getting sufficient nutrition,  his coat will often shine as well as his eyes, he will be alert and be standing proud with his head up and his tail wagging.
Once you have settled your dog onto the correct dog food, you will know that you are giving your dog the best possible start in life and he is receiving all the nourishment and vitamins he needs to grow big and strong. After all his good health is just as important as yours and the less illnesses he has throughout his life, will save you money in the long run.

Excercise Dogs need regular physical and mental exercise every day, but make it fun and you both will enjoy it and your bond will grow. One way to exercise your dogs brain is to try to teach your dog a trick or two. For example our dog has learned that trick of removing your socks, although he does this without chomping of your toes, it gets a little tiresome when he refuses to give it back. He also loves to chase his ball and he is always good at finding the ball even when it is well hidden, remember his great sense of smell.

Dogs Love To Please Find different ways for your dog to help you each day, by carrying some washing from your basket to the laundry room or fetching his own lead when it is time for a walk, This gives him a job to do and he’ll feel fulfilled as a result. Just watch his reaction after he has done good for you, he will almost smile with pride and puff out his chest.

Dogs On Heat Now if you have a female dog (bitch) then unless you want an unplanned litter of tiny pups to follow you must take care when your bitch comes into heat, male dogs can really sniff out a female on heat’s sent from over five miles away. Among other things her scent can set off fights between any other male dogs in the area as they think they are competing for her affections.

owning-a-dog-is a-privilege
Owning a Dog Is a Privilege

To own a dog is a great privilege but it does come with some constraints, it will be down to you to look after their health and everyday welfare, but they give back their love tenfold and they will always great you as you walk through the door with the same energy and enthusiasm as when they first saw you. They are never down unless they are ill and even then they will still try to wag their tale and get to you. So always try to treat them as much more than a pet, treat them with the love they deserve.