Essential Dog Training For Dogs and Owners

Essential Dog Training For Dogs and  Their Owners

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I realize that the above headline may give rise to a complaint or too but I firmly believe that every dog owner should go through essential dog training even if its just to understand what goes on in that doggy brain of theirs.

I know that most of us will at some time heard the desperate cries of a dog owner as they go charging after their dog shouting like a lunatic or even see a stray dog obviously lost and in distress running up the street getting in the way of cars who are even having to stop for fear of hitting it. Sadly it is a common tale and I’m sure that you have heard these reports before and yet more reason why we should have Essential Dog Training.

If it sounds familiar and you have or intend to get a puppy then this is for you. I firmly believe that everyone should have essential dog training  before owning a dog and yes I intended to say it that way,
you as an owner also needs some form of training not just your dog!! After all you will be responsible for your dog and held accountable should anything happen.  It is an increasing occurrence to hear of,  say an accident on the freeway.

Then once you have got the ground rules down, by that I mean the do’s and don’t for you, the it is time to move on to your dog.

Dogs Should Be Trained

Now I have already stated that I believe that all dogs should be trained, because you need to know that your dog is under your control at all times, in fact you and anyone around must be 100% sure that your dog will come back to you whenever YOU wish it! And that he will do as he is told at home as well as out, in the country as well as the town, but most of all when he is in the accompany of other dogs or any other distraction for that matter.

Now I’m not going to pretend that dog training is easy, it is going to take a lot of repetition and patience so please don’t think this short article is going to help get you trained. All you can expect to get from this is a basic understanding of what it involves.

So, Let’s go, Starting from a young age is crucial, the first three to six months or so he is learning everything, this is when you will have the greatest chance of influencing him. Hopefully if you do it right he will become the dog that you want and need him to be.

Another quick point is to ensure that each member of the family uses the same commands for your dog otherwise he will just get confused.

Dog Sat Patiently
Dog Sat Patiently at Rest
But Hoping for a Treat

The initial basic commands for dog training is to get your dog to obey simple one word commands like sit, stay, come, leave and heel. Teaching him these are essential, These commands are used for various reasons, however we are concerned with the everyday environment, so starting him out with the sit command should be first, because this is how to get him under control, there will be sit and eventually stay, but remember do this in easy short steps otherwise he will get bored and not play ball.

Next up will be the command “Come” or “Here” If you take your dog for a walk, you let him off the leash and you expect him to come back to you, not run around with you chasing after him shouting at him to”get here now”. It’s just not a good look.

But training this one is relatively easy because you are usually bribing him with his treats etc. He will always come for those. But you will need to do this one quite often although not all at once, he needs to be wanting to do it so make it fun.

Getting Your Pup Seated

Obviously because you are training in small sessions then it allows you do do several sessions each day but he must be fresh and alert and not get fed up with the training no matter how much fun it may be. The other point to remember is to stock up on treats and ensure that he has plenty of water available.

Okay, now the sit command, this only requires basic dog training, patience and determination and repetition. There is no reason why you can’t mix this training with other commands but not all at once.

So when he is with you place your hand onto the rump of his back and say “sit” while you gently press down on his backside, when he sits his bum down and give him a treat and a lot of praise. If you want him to sit longer just make him wait, get him to sit for as long as possible, if he gets up or tries to do so once he gets fed up and loses interest, do not reward him and repeat the process, then rinse and repeat etc..

Dog training can be simple, but you need that patience, so if you don’t have any try going to puppy classes. Because proper training is essential in the age of rushing motorists flying through your town or village and it only takes that one moment and lack of
concentration, that may end up with a large vets bill or worse.

But whenever you are training please make it fun, because if it is fun for him, then surely it will be rewarding for you. Your dog really only wants to play but he also wants to please you, his master so go on, reward your dog and yourself for all the “hard” work!!