ALEKO Large Dog or Pet Pen 5 by 5 and 4 feet High

ALEKO Large Dog or Pet Pen 5 by 5 and 4-Feet High

A friend of ours has been struggling to find a suitable heavy duty Dog enclosure which would be sufficient to hold his Labrador pup while they were having some work done to their home.

They wanted one with a decent height to stop the bouncy Labrador pup from jumping over the sides and they wanted him to have room to move around. They also wanted to be able to increase the size of the pen if they needed to in the future and I just happened to come across the ideal one from ALEKO

You can see the same one here!

I found this for him and he was over the moon with it. This powder coated 1″ frame is four foot high and the sides are both five feet making a huge is five-foot square.
The kennel has eight steel mesh panels including a secure door in one of them. This door is really sturdy so there is no worry
about leaving the dog inside it if you are busy doing something else. One of the best things that he liked about the construction
of the kennel is that it was made up from strong galvanized steel that was then powder coated so no worrying about rust in the

There’s even a two-year warranty included on this strong kennel, which is a major bonus – this product promises value for your money.

This dog kennel would be sufficiently roomy for medium to larger dogs, it’s a truly versatile kennel with just the right amount of
play space without looking cramped and it stands high enough at four feet that there is no escaping for your dog and no one can
reach over to steal your dog which can happen in some instances.
It can easily be customized and you can even add additional panels in order to increase its size, which makes it perfect for the larger breeds, or even housing multiple pets. With a flexible design like this, you will be able to adapt the dimensions in order to accommodate most pets. The only down side, in my opinion, is that there is no shade built into this design so my friend fabricated his own which works well enough.
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