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More Sound Advice For Dog Owners

A Larger Dog Breed Is The Alsatian

More Sound Advice For Dog Owners


We already know that we all get great companionship and loyalty from our Dogs. So it is important for you to know exactly how to take care of your dog so you can see it grow up confident, happy, healthy and alert.

So, begin now and read on for some invaluable tips on Dog Care.

Should you Neuter or Spay your dogs? Research has proven that this can reduce your dog’s risk of cancer and make them healthier in general. Also, dogs that get fixed won’t feel the need to search for a bitch when she is in season and that may mean that they won’t be having unwanted puppies or even getting hit by a vehicle as they run into the roadway.

Another reason for people having their charges seen to, is to reduce their excitable temperaments and to calm a dog down. But I know people who have and have not had this done and there is little evidence to support this.

Training is essential. Training your dog should be done in isolation and away from distractions, for example in your yard or your home. You do not want to train your dog around other dogs or people. Your dog could become distracted and will prove impossible to teach.

Make use of hand signals when training your dog as well as verbal commands. Your dog might learn commands more easily using this approach.  You can also try each method to see what is working for your dog.

Give Them The Best Food

Don’t be cheap. Never settle for the cheaper dog food. Quite often you will find the cheaper brands of dog food contains more artificial coloring, additives, preservatives which can be bad for your dog. Try using animal advocacy groups or alternative consumer awareness forums to get a list of established dog foods that have high professional recommendations. Your dog will always look his best and be thankful for having better quality dog food.

Avoid Bones. Instead of giving your dog bones from the butcher, give him rawhide. Bones can chip and sharp fragments can cause your dog serious injury. Rawhide has been proven to be far healthier for your dog and it is excellent for his teeth as well.

Eating. Dogs only eats when they are hungry, so there is no need to force food and treats on to him. If you offer him a treat which he doesn’t seem to like, don’t force him. It may initially take a few weeks but you will soon establish what your dog prefers to eat and what he leaves, they are only like ourselves in this respect and you know only too well what foods you dislike!

Physical Exercise is good. Always ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Regular exercise is essential for his health and mental wellbeing. It is also his play time as well as keeping him in good shape so find some safe open ground and let him run. He may even find some other dogs to run, play fight and boxing which most dogs enjoy. Dogs will soon sort out whose boss or even if they want to be alone just as in the wilderness. Even if you only have time for a short walk on the leash to allow him to toilet etc, he needs this regularly and he will soon become accustomed to going at this time and he will soon remind you in one way or another.

Mental Stimulation. All dogs need some form of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. So, while you are out on walks chase him and teach him to throw and retrieve sticks or balls, this gives him some interest as well as building a strong bond with you.

Micro Chipping and Tagging. Always have your dog tagged with a micro-chip and have a name tag attached to his collar stating that he has been chipped. Owning a dog has a lot of benefits, and it can be the basis of a great friendship. The best thing any prospective or current dog owner can do is spend some time studying up on the needs and care requirements of canines. The above advice can be used for times to come.

Essential Dog Training For Dogs and Owners

Essential Dog Training For Dogs and  Their Owners

Dog Fun Quote

I realize that the above headline may give rise to a complaint or too but I firmly believe that every dog owner should go through essential dog training even if its just to understand what goes on in that doggy brain of theirs.

I know that most of us will at some time heard the desperate cries of a dog owner as they go charging after their dog shouting like a lunatic or even see a stray dog obviously lost and in distress running up the street getting in the way of cars who are even having to stop for fear of hitting it. Sadly it is a common tale and I’m sure that you have heard these reports before and yet more reason why we should have Essential Dog Training.

If it sounds familiar and you have or intend to get a puppy then this is for you. I firmly believe that everyone should have essential dog training  before owning a dog and yes I intended to say it that way,
you as an owner also needs some form of training not just your dog!! After all you will be responsible for your dog and held accountable should anything happen.  It is an increasing occurrence to hear of,  say an accident on the freeway.

Then once you have got the ground rules down, by that I mean the do’s and don’t for you, the it is time to move on to your dog.

Dogs Should Be Trained

Now I have already stated that I believe that all dogs should be trained, because you need to know that your dog is under your control at all times, in fact you and anyone around must be 100% sure that your dog will come back to you whenever YOU wish it! And that he will do as he is told at home as well as out, in the country as well as the town, but most of all when he is in the accompany of other dogs or any other distraction for that matter.

Now I’m not going to pretend that dog training is easy, it is going to take a lot of repetition and patience so please don’t think this short article is going to help get you trained. All you can expect to get from this is a basic understanding of what it involves.

So, Let’s go, Starting from a young age is crucial, the first three to six months or so he is learning everything, this is when you will have the greatest chance of influencing him. Hopefully if you do it right he will become the dog that you want and need him to be.

Another quick point is to ensure that each member of the family uses the same commands for your dog otherwise he will just get confused.

Dog Sat Patiently
Dog Sat Patiently at Rest
But Hoping for a Treat

The initial basic commands for dog training is to get your dog to obey simple one word commands like sit, stay, come, leave and heel. Teaching him these are essential, These commands are used for various reasons, however we are concerned with the everyday environment, so starting him out with the sit command should be first, because this is how to get him under control, there will be sit and eventually stay, but remember do this in easy short steps otherwise he will get bored and not play ball.

Next up will be the command “Come” or “Here” If you take your dog for a walk, you let him off the leash and you expect him to come back to you, not run around with you chasing after him shouting at him to”get here now”. It’s just not a good look.

But training this one is relatively easy because you are usually bribing him with his treats etc. He will always come for those. But you will need to do this one quite often although not all at once, he needs to be wanting to do it so make it fun.

Getting Your Pup Seated

Obviously because you are training in small sessions then it allows you do do several sessions each day but he must be fresh and alert and not get fed up with the training no matter how much fun it may be. The other point to remember is to stock up on treats and ensure that he has plenty of water available.

Okay, now the sit command, this only requires basic dog training, patience and determination and repetition. There is no reason why you can’t mix this training with other commands but not all at once.

So when he is with you place your hand onto the rump of his back and say “sit” while you gently press down on his backside, when he sits his bum down and give him a treat and a lot of praise. If you want him to sit longer just make him wait, get him to sit for as long as possible, if he gets up or tries to do so once he gets fed up and loses interest, do not reward him and repeat the process, then rinse and repeat etc..

Dog training can be simple, but you need that patience, so if you don’t have any try going to puppy classes. Because proper training is essential in the age of rushing motorists flying through your town or village and it only takes that one moment and lack of
concentration, that may end up with a large vets bill or worse.

But whenever you are training please make it fun, because if it is fun for him, then surely it will be rewarding for you. Your dog really only wants to play but he also wants to please you, his master so go on, reward your dog and yourself for all the “hard” work!!

Getting To Know Your Dog

Getting To Know Your Dog is essential in creating that all important bond.

You should have begun getting to know your dog even before you selected that  breed, at least I hope you did, otherwise you could be in for all kinds of problems.

                      A Man Can Be a Dogs Best Freind

Many of you may have had a dog when you were young, or you may have one now. However if you are considering getting a dog for the first time, this really applies to you!

This article contains some basic advice, which may help you in getting to know your puppy and to begin to acclimatise him. It will also help you care for your dog and to help to train him in the basic commands like sit from the outset.

Since dogs can’t talk, it’s crucial that you pay attention to their non-verbal language. If you notice your dog is hesitant to meet a particular person or dog, then don’t force it. That could lead to another person being bitten or your dog getting hurt. You need to watch out for the tell tale signs but above all be patient.

You also need to pay attention to the seasons and with that Fleas and Ticks, just as you need to have your vet provide your dog with his shots and boosters each year you also need to give your dog and your property some protection from Fleas and Ticks. This applies especially in the warmer months when your dog is likely to go off into long grass or woodlands where Ticks are most likely to be around. Fleas too can be active for the full year so your dog needs protection, as do you because the fleas can jump to another family member as well as carpets etc, which no one wants.

However be alert to the fact that some treatments use ingredients that are very unsafe for kids, including an ingredient that has been linked to cancer. So if in doubt, talk to your vet about safer options, especially when there are kids around.

Also talk to your vet about what you feed your dog. If your puppy is very young, it might not be ready to consume specific brands, and

Select the right food for your dog

feeding them to your pup can result in sickness. Err on the side of caution when feeding food to your dog. Begin on food specifically designed for your pups age and don’t assume that what you give any other dogs within your household that it will be okay for the pup, his body may not yet be ready to digest such food.

Ask your vet the amount of food your dog needs daily. Many people simply look at the guidelines on the packaging but the problem with this is that some of the recommendations could be inaccurate and too general and not breed specific. This could cause your dog to increase or decrease in weight. When you talk to your vet you will often be surprised what they have to say about many of the brands that you see in the superstores.

If your dog is well behaved, be sure to praise it and if you have begun to train it give it treats when it does as you ask. You need your dog to know when you are pleased with their behaviour and once they know that they will try to please you even more because they want to fit in with your pack and as such they need to please you. Your dog will eventually recognise from your voice and body language when you are pleased or displeased with their actions, so try to keep your commands simple and straightforward but most of the same. Its not surprising that if you use different instructions to your dog he will never understand what it is you are asking him for.

Exercise is essential to a young puppy’s well being and development they

Dogs Need Regular Exercise

are just like your kids so please get them out of the house and into the countryside. Dogs need this physical activity every day to ensure they are physically and mentally fit plus it helps to prevent them from getting bored and chewing things. However before you venture out after the mandatory 12 weeks ensure that he has been chipped and registered and that he has a collar with your contact details clearly showing, then if the worst happens and he is found it increases the chances that you will get him back safely.

I know many of you may be afraid that their young puppy will not come back or get lost or even run in front of a passing vehicle. But using a combination of common sense, some training treats and picking out a quiet secluded and fenced in area to begin with go from using an expanding lead so you are giving your puppy some freedom yet you retain that important control.

But most pups only run off to chase something or they get scared which is why it’s so important to pick a secure area. So just go for a simple walk to begin with on a short lead to begin with and this will give you an idea what they may be like. They will have to get used to all manor of things such as other dogs, humans cars and lorries which can be quite scary to a small puppy to begin with, but this acclimatisation is essential to developing a well behaved dog that doesn’t get spooked too much. Once you have gone through a few initial walks you can try letting your puppy off the lead in the secure area, just make sure you give him a treat to begin with then put them away and keep calling him back giving him a treat each time he does so correctly. Don’t expect too much at this early stage but try to get him to sit down in front of you to receive his treats or when you want to fit his lead again. If you are in a limited space try throwing a ball or a toy for him to chase and return to you, he may not get the idea but he will and this way you can get him running around even if you are not. The more time you spend playing and training with your puppy you will find that the two of you will bond much quicker

When it comes down to medical requirements for your dog, you should make yourself aware of anything that may be specific to that breed, some of these may appear in older dogs, conditions such as hip dysplasia affects certain breeds such as German Shepherds and affects their legs and hips, there are a few other with the same problem, but other breeds can have skin or stomach issues and need a special diet. You can read up on this ideally before you even pick out a new pup but your vet can also help you with this so ask him at your initial check-ups. He may be able to give you advice on how to lessen any occurrences or prevent the problem from appearing altogether.

Simple Advice For Any Budding Dog Owner

 Simple Advice For Any Budding Dog Owner

Choosing The Right Dog Is Essential For a Happy Life For All Concerned


Okay you may already have a dog at home and think that you know everything their is to know about dog ownership. But you will be shocked at some of the tales I have heard over the years.

Training Puppies Is Not Easy

However, If you feel satisfied that you know how to go on then obviously this information is not for you,  so this short article is for those who have never owned a dog before and wish to do things the right way and get the required knowledge prior to selecting a dog for future ownership. So please do not be offended if some of what I  say may seem totally obvious.

 So whether or currently have a dog or you’re just at the maybe stage before getting one, you probably know that a lot of effort goes into caring for dogs. It is not something you can simply jump into straight away, I’m hoping that some of what I am going to say will be common sense for many dog owners to be but this article should help you get to grips with owning a dog or bringing a puppy into your home and how to be a responsible dog owner.

 First off, read up on the variety of breeds that exist in the canine

A Larger Dog Breed Is The Alsatian

world and then consider the size of your ideal breed when fully grown, it will not be too clever to have a massive dog if you are only living in a small flat. Also consider what type of dog you are going to be looking after, after all the dog is going to be in your care, you are going to be responsible for your dogs actions, you cannot expect a dog to look after itself or even allowed to roam the streets while you are out working.

 Once you have narrowed down your search and you have picked out a few dogs for your short list, why not make another  list of your dog’s requirements and the cost of meeting these requirements month on month, including a contingency fund for any unforeseen occurrences such as Vets bills etc.

Get Registered with your local Vet

I know some people say they will put a little cash away each month but very few people actually get around to doing this so why not consider buying some Pet Insurance?

 Basically you need to know that you are able to offer your dog a home for life and to be able to continue looking after your dog throughout his life which could be anywhere from 8 to 17 years depending upon the breed.

 Now you need to know where he is going to live within the confines of your home where he will be safe or a purpose built space out in the yard. This largely depends upon the breed and your own circumstances but most people welcome their pets into their homes and make a space for the crate or a proper dogs bedding, you can find a few examples here.

Now you must consider making your house dog proof by making sure that it cannot escape from the yard while you let it out to relieve itself or playing. It would also be wise to keep your new dog, especially if a pup, within a certain area likes a kitchen or utility area especially if it has the kind of floor, which can be mopped easily. If you do you also need to find a way of keeping the new and frightened pup within safe confines by using doors or even a temporary structure like a child’s gate which is adjustable, will not harm the puppy and will not cause damage to the furnishings etc. It is also a good idea to place old newspaper on the floor especially in a place where you would prefer the puppy to go to the toilet. Of course it is better for them to go outside and this will come soon enough but for the first few weeks they will simply go when and where they feel the need. There are absorbent mats that you can buy and lay out where you want them to go, but in my experience they just don’t work. Dogs will learn over time, you must be patient with them and never get cross and show anger towards your puppy, they will be doing their best to please your and fit in with your life.

 If you have medication is your home, even if it is just over-the-counter medication, you need to ensure that it is in a safe place and out of the pups reach because like a child they are inquisitive and will eat anything they find.

Taking just a few such pills can have devastating consequences for a dog.   But just in case have you dogs details along with your vets details to hand in case of any incident.

When you begin training your pup, which will begin straight away with toilet training for example because you will want them house trained as soon as possible so that you can go about your life with the knowledge that your new companion is safe along with your home and belongings. I always prefer to use treats as an incentive to perform the act that you wish to be completed. For example, use the command sit and place the puppy in that position, then reward him with a small treat, you can then repeat this process and reward him each time he does so correctly, but don’t keep on trying if you are getting nowhere, puppies have a short attention span and they love to play games, so make learning part of a game.

Training a dog in a very populated area is never a good idea. They will most likely be distracted by other things going on and not learn a thing. Just going back to toilet training for a moment, because this is most peoples priority, you need to be on the look out for signs that the pup is getting restless and looking around for a place to go, but in any event get used to putting you pup outside every time it wakes up or on each hour and reward it again with a small treat and use encouraging words to help them along. Eventually you may want to try to get then to go in one location, so when the time is right use a lead to control them and use the same encouraging words that you may have been using like go pee or whatever but this is your verbal signal to your dog telling what you want him to do and of course reward him once he does so correctly.

 Rather than merely using verbal commands, it is wise to utilize hand signals when training your dog. Signals like these help your dog learn things quickly. Try these things to find out what is the best for your pet.

 Okay so that is a small amount covering good behaviour but what about any bad behaviour especially snapping or biting, this must be stopped straight away because left un checked there is no knowing how bad things could get further down the line. So never overlook your dog’s bad behaviour. Ignoring it for any length of time will only make it that much harder to correct later on. Your dog might hurt someone else, or you, so take steps to control him early on. As we are still talking about a young dog you might have an issue where he is becoming over excited in his playing, although this is normal behaviour in pups if they become too aggressive you need to stop it so just take a firm hold of them and say sternly NO and give them a little shake, just as his mother would do if he was still there. You could even try a soft smack on the nose too but please bear in mind you are dealing with a baby with soft brittle bones so on no account should you hit them hard or worse. If their actions deserve it give them some time alone in their cage, they may create a fuss but stick to your guns otherwise they could make your life hell.

Caring For Your Dog

If you are new to Dog ownership then you really need to quickly learn the basics of Caring For Your Dog, in fact you should have already got to this stage before even thinking of owning a dog and the responsibility that goes with it.

Many people have lived with pets their entire lives. If you are someone who now owns a dog or may be considering getting one, there are some things you should know. This article helps you to fine tune your skills as a dog owner.

So first of all lets consider your own health for a moment, current medical advise suggests that you should have a physical exam each year, so it follows that the same rule applies to your dog. You need to bear in mind that dogs don’t talk so you need to watch for signs of ill health, that goes without saying, it’s difficult to know if your dog is okay or not so unless you have noticed something wrong where you must immediately seek medical advice. But each year usually timed with getting your dog his regular shots he should also receive his regular check-ups from the Vet and this will help you to find these issues prior to them becoming a serious problem.

Note; I am going to use the words him/his as I discuss the dog but the same would apply if your dog is female (a bitch)

The rest of a dogs care is basic common sense and so much that applies to your dog would also to looking after a child, however I will still list a few of the basic rules in order to remind you to be prepared.

It may take you several months before you really get to know your new charge and how he may react to various outside noises and activities so meanwhile you must take extra care to prevent any possible event that could prove either harmful or dangerous to you, your dog or anyone else for that matter.

So always remember to take your dogs leash, even if he appears to be well-behaved. Almost anything including other animals or movement could startle him, causing him to run into dangerous territory, a road or even a busy area causing even more confusion or other unpleasant situation or worse. After all, you are responsible for your dog and you will be held accountable if your dog or anyone or thing else gets injured or damaged for your dog being off his leash.

Select the right food for your dog

If you need help with the type or amount of food you should be giving to your dog then discuss this with your vet or even your local pet store manager as they are often will acquainted with the subject. Although some dog owners are happy to stick to the recommended guidelines on the label of dog food, these guidelines can often be too much for your dog and can lead to obesity if left too long. Your vet can also recommend the best food for your type of breed because some breeds need certain foods if they are to remain in top condition.

If you intend to keep your dog outside for most of the time then build him a good sized kennel (house) ideally together with a fenced in run of his own or ensure that your garden fence is secure. I know this goes without saying but you must keep your dog safe and ensure that he cannot escape. You can buy a kennel or you can buy plans online if you are handy with building a kennel yourself. The main thing here is to provide a warm or cool and dry environment for your dog, if he constantly has wet feet he will suffer just as we can with wet feet which can crack (trench foot). Any extremes of temperature can be stressful for your dog and ultimately be bad for his health so he must be kept out of the worst of the weather just as we need.

Don’t accept any bad behavior from your dog, if you ignore it or treat it as funny you will eventually regret it if it develops into a serious behavioral problem with potential serious consequences. Again your dog is your responsibility and if he is not under control and injures someone then you will pay and you could even lose your dog and banned from ever owning a dog for the future.

If you intend to adopt a new dog from someone or a pet shop or maybe an animal shelter, you need to get a vets appointment booked as soon as possible. Even if the supplying location says that the dog has been checked you must still do this for your own peace of mind. Dogs could be sick or exposed to a variety of things including hard to spot viruses. The other option is to ensure that all the dogs papers are checked and do not accept a dog with no papers or history that you cannot check or confirm. Any new puppy must have a series of vaccinations to ensure his good health so without these you would be putting yourself, your dog and any other dogs into harms way.

Get Registered with your local Vet

Get your new pet a veterinary exam. Immediately after bringing home the new dog, schedule a checkup with your veterinarian. This allows the vet to look him over and schedule the necessary vaccines. You could also consider asking your vet about neutering your dog, sometimes it is advisable for a number of reasons including calming your dog. Shelters are filled with unwanted animals and not neutering your dog means you could be making this problem worse.

Some breeds of dogs are susceptible to possible health problems in later life than others, so it is important that you check all this out before deciding which particular breed to go for. Take the time to read up on your breed so that you don’t get any surprises down the road. You can also speak with a vet to see what can be done so that your pet will have a better chance at avoiding these health problems. It is possible to take out health insurance for your dog but the cost of these plans rises as they get older which means that the cost of this insurance could be too expensive in their later life so you cannot rely on this to cover any later health problems.

Another source of information is a blog by the name of with lots of tips, articles a free downloads too.

There are bound to be questions that have not been mentioned here so you are always welcome to ask me directly for any help at Maria Scott email